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ITIL implementation seems like a piece of cake after you complete an ITIL Certification program or after a discussion with a consultant. But when you get down to the actual implementation, you’ll find a lot of hurdles, which hinders the proper process implementation. And of course, all processes don’t succeed.

Every organization is different. Each company has a different mixture of people, processes, environment, the help desk they use, type of support they provide, and other factors which influence process implementations. It is very important that ITIL processes are implemented in the right way at the right time. Also, the help desk should be matured enough to handle the process, or else there is every chance that the whole attempt would end up being a disaster. I mentioned some factors that influence ITIL implementation, but what I see as the biggest issue is ‘people problem’. Even a perfect idea will not get across the table if all the stakeholders are not on board. In my experience, if there is a process implementation with multiple teams involved, it contributes to a perfect recipe for chaos.Here’s another hitch: there are no procedures or solutions to a ‘people problem’. What we can do is follow a few tips & tricks, which can help implement any process. Consider this as a best practice idea and not a solution to ‘people problem’.

Put the idea before you:

Often we get carried away with a good idea that we end up focusing on taking credit for it rather than concentrating on ensuring that it is communicated thoroughly. Most often, even very good ideas are ignored or rejected if it is not presented properly. Always remember to put the idea ahead of you and present it for a greater good. This way, the idea will be accepted unanimously.

Borrowing the ‘Change Advisory Board’ ideology:

The first step towards any process implementation is proper communication, especially the ones that involve multiple teams. It is really important to engage people, inform them about the proceedings and take suggestions. This is same as the Change Advisory Board concept where we involve stakeholders from various teams, consider their opinions and take a wise decision based on their inputs on how to implement a change.  The irony is that we are borrowing an ITIL process methodology to implement all ITIL processes. This helps stakeholders get a better visibility into the processes making them feel important and engaged in all process implementations.

Remember, these are just a couple of best practices that might help you sort out ‘people problems’. Problems like these need to be analyzed and carefully orchestrated since it involves multiple opinions.

Source: ManagenEngine Blog