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Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud delivers exceptional future-ready protection that couldn’t be easier to manage. Bursting with next generation technologies, it’s perfect for the era of cloud, remote working and BYOD – eliminating risks and safeguarding your cloud investments for a secure, profitable, and exciting future.

With two free mobile licenses per user, you’ll get a solid umbrella cyberdefense that follows your employees everywhere, and you can even enforce security policies remotely. Meanwhile, NEW Cloud Discovery takes the headache out of controlling their cloud use, uncovering and blocking unauthorized cloud use automatically.

As a reminder, Moussa Solutions has been approved to be an Authorized Reseller for Kaspersky Company.

A few reasons or advantages to purchase Kaspersky products from a reseller:

1. Very competitive end-user pricing.
2. High initial discounts make it financially interesting even for small businesses.
3. An aggressive discount program for Government, Schools, and Charities.

If you are looking for a security solution for your business, please contact us: Get started.