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Antivirus protects from malware. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) protects your connections. With Avg Secure VPN, a single click secures your entire internet connection with bank-grade, 256-bit AES encryption to prevent advertisers, employers, government agencies, and even hackers from eavesdropping on what you do online. 

Why you need a VPN? Everyone deserves online privacy, security, and freedom. With a VPN, you can safely connect to any network and surf the web anywhere, anytime, and have access to any site - no matter where you are.

Protect your privacy: Block websites and advertisers from seeing your real IP address, disguise your location, and browse privately. Avg Secure VPN doesn’t log the websites you visit or the apps you use.

Secure any Wi-Fi: Public Wi-Fi and unsecured networks just aren’t safe. With Avg Secure VPN on, any data you send or receive is encrypted to hide it from prying eyes and protect it from hackers.

Access content worldwide: Avoid online censorship and access content from around the world. Avg Secure VPN lets you experience the internet you want from wherever you are.

If you are looking for a security solution for your business, please contact us as we are an Avast Premier PartnerGet started.