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Many healthcare organizations struggle with finding the time and resources to increase their security. It takes a lot of effort to balance putting out fires and working on strategic projects, especially with a stagnating budget. Nevertheless, the current threatscape and heavy regulation demand for stronger healthcare security without delay. It’s life-saving role is not an understatement for medical organizations. Your challenges are not uncommon but your environment is. We know that.

Our work with IT and security leaders in hugely diverse organizations worldwide highlights the pillars of a strong healthcare security program:

1. High visibility
2. Streamlined management
3. Adaptive solutions.

To help you effectively secure your network, devices, smart medical equipment and confidential patient data, we’ve packed our experience of almost 20 years in fighting cybercrime into GravityZone.

This security suite empowers healthcare organizations like yours to achieve higher protection levels with no IT overhead.

“Consolidating onto a single solution managed through one pane of glass essentially cut our software licensing costs in half. And the time savings reduced our administration costs by $90 per week.  That allows us to spend more time and resources on things like surgery software and other applications that directly impact patient care.”

Phillip Yarbro, Network Systems Engineer, Saint Francis Healthcare System - 4,725 endpoints

*Here’s how we do it.

Improve prevention through high visibility across assets

We engineered GravityZone to give you a centralized view of:

Your infrastructure: Physical, Virtual, In the cloud, On the network.

Your endpoints: Connected medical device, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphone, VDIs, Servers

With this level of oversight, you can:

1. Enforce security policies more consistently
2. Contain potential infections faster
3. Identify threats earlier
4. Prioritize and remediate security issues more effectively.

It also makes compliance with HIPAA, FDA, NIST, HITECH and other regulations more effective and easier to maintain. Schedule a Demo Today.

If you are looking for a security solution for your business, please contact us as we are an Bitdefender Silver PartnerGet started.