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The way we work has changed beyond a physical workplace, with many of us working remotely and collaborating with teams across the globe. With this shift, we are finding that security and control is increasingly top of mind for many of our customers.

The Dropbox Secure Collaboration Solution provides an easy-to-use platform that powers team collaboration and productivity while delivering the security and administrative controls you need to protect your organization's data.

With Dropbox you can:
1. Safeguard your data with secure file transfer and 10-year version back up.
2. Manage team usage with enterprise-grade security features including robust administrator controls, data governance tools and auditable e-signature functionality.
3. Ensure compliance and durability with industry leading infrastructure controls for secure cloud collaboration.

A few reasons or advantages to purchase Dropbox products from a reseller:

1. Very competitive end-user pricing.
2. High initial discounts make it financially interesting even for small businesses.
3. An aggressive discount program for Government, Schools, and Charities.

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