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From gamified training, simulations to interactive tutoring and platform-based learning, our security awareness training, encompassing Kaspersky’s 25 years of cybersecurity expertise, is specifically designed to motivate your staff to acquire and maintain crucial cybersecurity practices.

Presented in three turnkey packages tailored to your needs, Kaspersky Security Awareness enables staff to perform without constraints, and empower organizations to optimize security resources and maximize protection over the long term as they develop.

1. Security Awareness Essential – the hassle-free option to rise employees’ cybersecurity awareness – simple to set up, easy to manage, providing you and your staff a basic level of security training.
2. Security Awareness Advanced – comprehensive training for bigger organizations helps maintain business continuity, supports every organizational level and changes behavior by covering every stage of the learning cycle.
3. Security Awareness Ultimate – ensures maximum cybersecurity awareness, featuring customization and managed services, so that executives are well-versed in threat scenarios, employees have automatic cybersafe skills, and generalist IT staff support you as the first line of defense.

And with Kaspersky Automated Security Awareness Platform at its core, your staff and organization can immediately deploy its:

1. Interactive and effective training based on real-life scenarios.
2. Easy-to-set training targets based on employee risk profiles.
3. Micro-units saving employee time by only assigning what they need to learn.
4. Customized lesson schedules per end-user regulating appropriate pace and workload.
5. Express course teaching basic, but essential cybersecurity awareness quickly in an engaging training in audio-video format.
6. User-friendly dashboards & and easy-to-read reports to measure training results.
7. Real-time tracking of trainee data, dynamics and forecasts as well as detailed reports with the possibility to drill down to the individual level.

If you are looking for a security solution for your business, please contact us as we are a Kaspersky Registered Partner: Get started.