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An intelligent security strategy stretches beyond infrastructure. It’s about understanding your enemy’s capability, motivations and anticipating their next move. The bad news is - there’s a lot of them. Today, effective prevention requires a layered approach capable of addressing not only today’s threats, but tomorrow’s.

Malwarebytes (formerly Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, abbreviated as MBAM) is an anti-malware software for Microsoft Windows, macOS and Android that finds and removes malware. Made by Malwarebytes Corporation, it was first released in January 2006. Malwarebytes Endpoint Security finds and remediates 3 million infections every day. They address all stages of the attack chain so you have unparalleled protection on your endpoints.  Keep your friends close and your enemies, right where you can see them. Download a 30-day free trial of Malwarebytes and stay one step ahead of cyber-crime. It is available in a free version, which scans for and removes malware when started manually, and a paid version, which additionally provides scheduled scans, real-time protection and a flash-memory scanner.

Moussa Solutions would like to remind you that it has been approved to be an authorized reseller for Malwarebytes Company. A few reasons or advantages to purchase Malwarebytes products from a reseller:

1. Very competitive end-user pricing.
2. High initial discounts make it financially interesting even for small businesses.
3. An aggressive discount program for Government, Schools, and Charities.

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