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Moussa Solutions would like to announce the completion of a project for a private international school in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, which involved the installation of 21 indoor Unifi WiFi 6 Access Points in three buildings. The main goal of the project was to improve the school's wireless network coverage and performance, as well as to ensure that the network is secure.

Our team began by conducting a thorough site survey to identify the best locations for the access points. We worked closely with the school's IT Department to determine the areas of the school that required the most coverage and connectivity, and then strategically placed the indoor Unifi WiFi 6 Access Points accordingly.

Once the physical installation was complete, we configured each access point with a unique VLAN to ensure that each area of the school had its own separate and secure network. This was done to prevent unauthorized access and to ensure that the school's network is secure.

To manage and monitor the network, we installed a Unifi WiFi Controller on a specific server, which was chosen based on the school's requirements. The controller allowed us to manage the access points centrally, making it easy to configure and monitor the entire network from a single location. The controller also provided advanced features such as automatic firmware updates, real-time network monitoring, and detailed analytics.

After the installation was complete, we conducted extensive testing to ensure that the network was functioning as intended. We worked closely with the school's IT Department to train them on how to manage and monitor the network, ensuring that they had the knowledge and skills required to maintain the network in the future.

Moussa Solutions takes the privacy and security of the clients very seriously, and we cannot disclose the name of the school due to confidentiality reasons. However, we can say that we are proud of the successful completion of this project, and we look forward to working with more clients in the future to provide them with reliable and secure wireless network solutions.