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Moussa Solutions is happy to announce that until August 31 you have the amazing opportunity to purchase discounted products with our Back to School promotion! A discount of 25% will be applied to first purchases of: Mobile products (Avast Mobile Security Premium, Avast Mobile Ultimate, Avast Cleanup & Boost Pro, Avg AntiVirus Pro for Android, Avg Mobile Ultimate, Avg Cleaner Pro), VPN (Avg Secure VPN, Avast SecureLine VPN), Avast Cleanup Premium, and Avg TuneUp.

Furthermore, we would like to inform you about some changes concerning the products mentioned above: Avast Cleanup Premium and Avg TuneUp have now:

1. A cleaner browser - The user can free up even more space thanks to Avast improved browser cleaning that removes even more unwanted cache.

2. Even safer cleaning - Avast now automatically exclude some file types and locations on customer´s computer to help prevent accidentally removing something the user does not want us to.

3. Developer settings - There is a completely new section in Settings which allows the customer to set up which parts of the product shall run even when the main window is closed.

4. Update settings - There is a completely new section in Settings that allows the user to set up how they would like to get updates for Avast Cleanup.

5. Improved - When the customer decides to uninstall the product they can now select whether they would like to keep the current driver backups and log files (for potential future usage when the user decides to install the product again.)

If you are looking for a security solution for your business, please contact us as we are an Avast Premier PartnerGet started.