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Secure your business with Eset. Buy 2 years or 3 years and get 6 or 12 months free. With the growing health concerns and the adoption of remote working, hackers exactly look for vulnerable situations like these. Protect the most common threat vector, your endpoints with benefits that we would like to offer you as support in these crucial times.

Products under promo:

1. Eset Endpoint Protection Standard: Protection for your endpoints (computers and file server) against threats and data theft with easy to use on-premise security management and robust multi-platform antimalware protection.
2. Eset Endpoint Protection Advanced: Multilayered protection utilizing multiple technologies and incorporating visibility management and reporting across all operating systems without impacting system's performance.
3. Eset Secure Business: Protect all computers, laptops, mobile devices and file servers – and make your email gateway impenetrable by eliminating all types of email-borne malware at the server level – before it can do any damage.
4. Eset File Security: Easy to manage from a single-pane-of-glass that can be installed on Windows or Linux. In addition to installation, Eset has a virtual appliance that can simply be imported for quick and easy setup.
5. Eset Mail Security: Provides multilayered protection to organizations who are interested in stopping threats from ever reaching their users. Eset Mail Security evaluates the attachment to determine whether it is malicious, unknown or safe.

Terms & Conditions: Not valid for renewals and enlarge deals.

Secure your business with ESET. Buy 2 years or 3 years and get 6 or 12 months free. Summer Offer 2020

A few reasons or advantages to purchase Eset products from a reseller:

1. Very competitive end-user pricing.
2. High initial discounts make it financially interesting even for small businesses.
3. An aggressive discount program for Government, Schools, and Charities.

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