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Moussa Solutions for Information Technology would like to announce that it has been added to AVAST Partner locator in Saudi Arabia. As a reminder, Moussa Solutions for Information Technology has already been approved to be an authorized reseller for AVAST Company since August 13, 2017.

Avast is one of the largest security companies in the world using next-gen technologies to fight cyber attacks in real time. Avast differ from other next-gen companies in that they have an immense cloud-based machine learning engine that receives a constant stream of data from our more than 400 million users, which facilitates learning at unprecedented speeds and makes our artificial intelligence engine smarter and faster than anyone else’s.

Avast has created a scalable cloud-based security infrastructure that sees everything that happens on the internet. Avast has view into everything online, good and bad, giving them the unique advantage of being first to inspect and analyze potential threats. Avast use advanced threat protection to keep you and your business safe from cyber attacks.

A few reasons or advantages to purchase Avast products from an Authorized Reseller:

1- Very competitive end-user pricing.
2- High initial discounts make it financially interesting even for small businesses
3- An aggressive discount program for Government/Schools/Charities

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